Electric Motor
An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electricity into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the kind of rotation of a shaft. Electric motors can be powered by immediate current (DC) resources, such as from batteries, motor vehicles or rectifiers, or by alternating electric current (AC) sources, such as a power grid, inverters or electrical generators. A power generator is mechanically similar to an electric motor, but operates in the reverse direction, switching mechanical energy into electricity.
Electric motors could be categorized by considerations such as for example power source type, internal construction, application and kind of motion output. In addition to AC versus DC types, motors could be brushed or brushless, may be of varied phase (see single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase), and may be either air-cooled or liquid-cooled. General-purpose motors with regular dimensions and characteristics provide practical mechanical power for industrial use. The largest electric powered motors are utilized for deliver propulsion, pipeline compression and pumped-storage applications with rankings reaching 100 megawatts. Electric motors are located in industrial enthusiasts, blowers and pumps, machine equipment, household appliances, power equipment and disk drives. Small motors may be found in electric watches.

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special electric motor for speed-reducing YE2
The three-phase asynchronous engine of the YE2 series is good third efficiency standard in the provisions of GB 18813-2012 “the energy efficiency limit and the energy efficiency rating of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors’. And the improvement of the performance in its style is good state’s requirements on the energy conservation and consumption reducing of the manufacturing sector.
YE2 series motors with the installation dimension relative to standard IEC60034, It has good features like the best possible structure, attractive appearance, low noise, high efficiency, high protection class as well as high insulation course. YE2 series motors can be widely used in a variety of kinds of general make use of machineries like enthusiasts, pumps, machine equipment, compressors, transportation and so on, and may also be found in the hazardous areas with oil and chemical, steel plant life, mining industry.

◇ Site conditions
YE2 series motors air suitable for almost all applications and operate satisfactorily at temperatures from -20℃ to +40℃ and altitudes up to 1000 meters above sea level
◇ Temperature and Insulation
The Maters’ insulation system are designed by Class F(155℃), operated with Class B(80K). Which incerase the motor useful existence and reliability.
◇ Cooling and ventilation
The typical cooling method is totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) it accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-6. Standard motors include radialflow plastic fans