Specialized nickel plating for a neat and clean physical appearance and corrosion resistance
The surface of Rustless Chains is nickel plated for an attractive exterior and corrosion resistance. It will eventually exhibit great corrosion resistance in particular when utilised in combination with grease lubrication. You may anticipate the effect to delay hydrogen brittle destruction when made use of in conditions where chains are exposed to sea breeze or acidic sprays.
?The chain is protected even if in use with gilding or alumite machines that emit corrosive steam.
The effectiveness of rust resistance and corrosion resistance of your nickel plating does not deteriorate even underneath disorders of large temperature and continues to guard the chain.
?The chain’s fine exterior makes it perfect for machines for demonstration.
Advisable uses
?When a clean appearance is preferable
Meals sanitation machines, workplace machines, textile machines, printing machines, pulp processing machines etc.
?When applying in the corrosive setting Chemical machines, gilding machines, alumite machines
?When a neat exterior is important Demonstration machines at exhibitions and so on.
Selection of chains
The strength of Rustless Chain is equivalent with normal roller chains.
Connecting hyperlinks and offset backlinks
R connecting back links are made use of for Rustless Chains #60 or smaller and C connecting hyperlinks for #80 or greater. We provide 2POJ offset backlinks for sizes #25 and #35, and OJ and 2POJ for all other sizes.
Regular sprockets for Rustless Chains might be used since the dimensions would be the very same as common roller chains.
Please use stainless steel chains when the chains are to be constantly exposed to water, sea water, liquid solutions or corrosive solutions.
Except if wot so specified through the purchaser, chains are coated with grease just before delivery. Please utilize the encouraged lubricant for the maintenance of the chain considering the fact that lubrication making use of grease can cause lubrication failure.
Check with us when the chain would be to be used for hoisting applications.