China fluid coupling

What are the positive aspects of hydraulic couplings?

Increase the start-up capability of the driving system and boost the startup efficiency.

Commonly utilized squirrel-cage motor commencing torque is small, with hydraulic coupling is began, the pump wheel is only the load of the motor, motor relative to the no-load startup, small startup present, help save electrical energy, drag the instant of inertia for large load are not decided on is a lot even bigger than the rated capability of the motor.

In the relocating parts, there are inevitably request hole, in the absence of hydraulic coupling, motor at commencing instant, due to the fact the gap present in the load is little, thus accelerate quickly, right after currently being asked gap elimination, load abruptly on the kinetic energy huge motor, triggered the impact of the system.

After the hydraulic coupling is set up, non-rigid transmission in between the motor and the load can absorb vibration and reduce the affect, so that the doing work device and transmission unit can operate easily.

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